M a n B i t e s D o g


5/9/00 ManBitesDog finish recording 4 tracks at Mike Minas's studio, artwork below

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2/8/00 ManBitesDog is the new name ( not Man Bites Dog ), due to the possibility of an Australian band with the same name.

With 'Big Ade' away in the Falklands, rather than do nothing Ade Bailey and Dave Ramsay teamed up with Mark Bowman to form MBD.

This project was purely to showcase Ade's own songs and saw him moving to guitar and vocals.

MDB have had several memorable outings so far, notably the Buccanneer Pub and the Music Club leading up to The Big NoiZe on May 20th.

Photo's from The Big NoiZe below

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Man Bites Dog, Mark, Ade, Antic-Man, Dave


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                 Mark & Ade                                                                      Dave

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