S o r t E d !


SortEd ! ceased to exist as of 8th July

SortEd ! came about because Taff Haynes ( singer / guitarist ) wanted to form a band that would last more than two practices, and with ace guitarist / dancer, Steve Bees got The Short Straw's rythm section on board with the specific goal of playing The Big NoiZe.

SortEd ! brought a quality lacking in local bands since the enforced sabatical of The Short Straw back on stage - namely entertainment. It's all very well getting the right notes and trotting out old standards but if you don't entertain..... what's the point.

SortEd ! rose to prominance very quickly and very shortly after their first gig at the music club were fighting off bookings form near and far.

Three gigs at local bars, several at the Families Club lead up to two crackin' gigs may 19th at the Epi Rugby 7's, then May 20th at The Big NoiZe which was then followed by more gigs at the Officers Patch Party, the Rugby 10s and The Ross, Epi.

The Epi 7s and Big NoiZe were exceptional due to great crowds ( Epi especially ) and Marios doing the PA and lights. MKG are real proffessionals and worth every penny.

Below are photos from The Big NoiZe...

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Pictures from The Ross gig,

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This page will be NOT updated soon....... as the band no longer exists.

Last Updated 20 July, 2009