The Short Straw

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Ade Bailey                              Dave Ramsay                                 Ade Hunter

The Short Straw were a 3 piece band based in Akrotiri, Cyprus. The band played melodic cover's from the 60's to the 90's in an energetic ( almost punky ) style that  became synonymous with The Short Straw.

These pages should give you some idea what the band was about.


Sunday 1st October 2000, John Peel played 'Duchess' from The Short Straws demo.

The Short Straw are now part of the Royal Air Force's recruitment strategy,  as we are currently featured on the video promoting the benefits of joining the Royal Air Force.

The 16 track CD is now available.

The Short Straw were..... .....                                    

Ade Hunter       guitar, vocals, breaking strings, drinking & looking mean

Ade Bailey        bass, backing vocals (if he remembers) and leaping around

John Bones \ Dave Ramsay \   Sam Whitney   drums,

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The Short Straw would like to thank......

The CSE Crew & The Stranglers for their encouragement and support.

Mike Minas and his recording studio.

BFBS Cyprus for the publicity and support.

AAA Bar - despite it's size a supperb venue.

And everyone who ever made an effort to come to a gig, danced, sang, cheered and enjoyed it. .   


A Short History...............back to front

August 01

The Short Straw disband when the two Ade's leave Cyprus on posting.



The Short Straw entered a new era when John Bones became their third drummer, Jan 2001, replacing Dave Ramsay who returned to the UK on posting. John comes from a proven band background and has fitted in quickly with The Short Straw style, basically business as usual for the band.



The Short Straw arrived at their longest running line up in July '99, when Dave Ramsay joined the band, replacing Sam Whitney, previous custodian of the sticks, who was returning to the UK to further his career. The inclusion of Ramsay brought The Short Straw a punkier edge and feel which helped the band secure a slot on the Combined Services Entertainment Tour of Cyprus '99 with The Stranglers.


The Tour covered 4 nights across Cyprus entertaining British Troops and U.N. soldiers. There were two shows at the Akrotiri Hockey Pitch, Akrotiri, one at the Ledra Palace Hotel ( car park ), Nicosia and one at Alexander Barracks ( parade square ), Dhekelia.

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The Short Straw take the stage at the Ledra Palace Hotel, Nicosia.

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